Tuesday, June 10, 2008

April 2008 - Empress Dress

View outside my hotel room... =)
I had a great saturday night. Not because I did something really exciting or thrilling or wild. It was so enjoyable because it was simple. Just met up with my taiwanese secondary friend, who we have not met since 1994 (except in Aug'08), at her sister's fashion boutique shop - Empress Dress.
It was really enjoyable just chilling out in a quiet night. Reminiscing about the past, had a simple dinner, took some photos and went shopping for DVDs.
It was quiet and peaceful.

taking our reflections...

Our delicious taiwanese dinner...


Just chilling out....

April 2008 - Business Trip

Just wanted to retrace some thoughts during my April Biz trip to Shanghai. Despite being a short 4 days trip, the impression and memory of this trip was pretty strong, mainly because of a few key events.
Unfortunately, on mid of March, there were pro-tibetan demonstration around the world during the Olympic torch relay. Putting political views aside, I was very worried about my Tibetan Lama friend's safety. I tried to call him a few times, but his cellphone was off. This had never happened before. I was very concern about his safety as I heard nasty stories before.
This was my facial expression after i heard not so good news.

To aggravate things further, I was caught in a jam in a cab. It was raining outside and it was quite cold at night. felt really sad and lonely. I was afraid that things might not turn out good. A possibility of losing a precious friend might become a reality.




Anyway, I met a "new friend" who was also worried about the safey of our friend that she cried. Because of political sensitivity and for her safety, I did not show the pic of this "new friend".

This was the gift given by my lama tibetan friend (I took it from that "new friend" who visited my lama friend last year). It is a very beautiful piece of art.




Fortunately, during my May biz trip, my lama friend called me on my China Cellphone (which i would only switch on if I am in Shanghai) shortly after I landed in Shanghai. It was such a coincidence. He was very nice to say that everything was going very fine, and asked me not to worry. Well, as usual, he did not share his aweful experiences and said that everything was fine. I did not try to ask more, as I am glad that he is fine. =)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shanghai (14-17th Oct 07) - Images of the Bund & HuangPuJiang

These photos reminded me of Las Vegas & the skyline of Hong Kong. I am sure that a few years later, it will look different again. That's the excitement in Shanghai - constantly constructing, constantly changing.

Mao Building - where Grand Hyatt is at storey 83, currently, the highest hotel in the world. Look behind JinMao building, there is another taller building in construction.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Room of Hotel General
I moved from Hotel Rendezvous (800RMB) to this Hotel General (360RMB - PRC Corporate price. Normal price around 500+ RMB)
Well... i must say that I am pleasantly surprised, even though the price is half of the previous hotel, the amenities is about the same. (in fact, the location of this Hotel General is better)
So if any of you want to stay in Shanghai with me, this is the standard room. It's not bad.
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Second Trip to Shanghai (18th - 23rd September 2007)

This trip was so much more busy and tiring... but more rewarding.
I didn't have much time to explore Shanghai, but it was a great trip as I learnt alot from my boss.
Taken at an underpass.
Life could be difficult in Shanghai.
Street Vendors were running away from police.
Sometime, what have they done wrong to run away?
Just because they don't have the money to set up a shop and pay taxes?
Maglev at 431km/h. It took around 8 mins to travel 30km!!!!
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